H20 Humidifier 300mls – Grey


Indoor plants thrive in environments that are close to their natural environments. Most of our indoor plants are from tropical areas with high humidity. We often heat or cool our homes with air-conditioning which can lower humidity too. Using a humidifier adds moisture to the air and prevents the plant leaves and soil from drying out helping them to thrive and flourish.

The H20 Humidifier is the perfect size for one or a small group of plants.

Quiet with a gentle mist.
Easy to use.
Two light settings (plain and colourful).
Made from BPA free plastic.

Every humidifier comes with two wicks. More wicks are available here.

Also available in white and pink.

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H20 Humidifier 300mls Grey

Benefits of Humidity for Indoor Plants

Optimal Growth: Adequate humidity levels encourage robust growth. Plants are better equipped to absorb nutrients, and their metabolic processes operate at peak efficiency, resulting in healthier and more vibrant foliage.

Flourishing Blooms: Flowering plants, in particular, benefit from increased humidity. The added moisture supports the development of buds into beautiful, long-lasting blooms.

Reduced Leaf Browning: Ever noticed unsightly brown edges on your plant’s leaves? Low humidity is often the culprit. A humidifier helps reduce leaf browning by maintaining the moisture balance necessary for optimum leaf health.

Enhanced Respiratory Function: Plants engage in respiration, absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Adequate humidity levels facilitate this process, ensuring your indoor space is enriched with clean, oxygenated air.

How to use:

The H20 Humidifier has a USB cord which can plug into a USB port on a laptop, power bank, desktop computer or an adapter.

Ensure a wick is loaded into the cylinder.

Fill with water.

Press and hold the button to turn it on. Press once for continuous spray or twice for intermittent spray.

There are two light settings: press and hold for white light, press and hold again for colourful lights. You can also have no light.

The humidifier will automatically power off after four hours of continuous spray or six hours of intermittent spray.

The small 300ml size is perfect for small areas like a desk, table or it can nestle amongst your plants on a shelf.

Note: the humidifier needs to be plugged in when in use.

Included in the box:

  • H20 Humidifier 300mls – Grey
  • 2 wicks
  • USB Cable
  • Instructions

Every humidifier comes with two wicks. More wicks are available here.


Rated input: DC5.0V / 1.0A
Working current: 250-350mA
Rated power: 1W
Water tank capacity: 300ml
Spray volume: 25-35ml / hour
Scheduled shutdown time: 4 hours/6 hours
Size: 78 x 119mm

Also available in white:

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