Besgrow Spagmoss – Large


New Zealand Premium Sphagnum Moss

A versatile substrate Besgrow Spagmoss is a natural, renewable product. It is harvested sustainably from the wetlands of New Zealand’s pristine West Coast. Spagmoss is excellent at retaining water and promoting robust root health and development in your plants. The long strands of moss are dried and compacted making it easy to rehydrate and use. One brick of spagmoss goes a long way.

Hand-picked and air-dried.

No chemicals or additives used.

Ready to use straight from the pack.

100% natural & renewable resource.

Spagmoss is also available in a medium size.

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Besgrow Spagmoss Large

All Besgrow sphagnum moss is harvested from sustainable and renewable wetlands on the West Coast of New Zealand. This ensures a steady supply of premium quality moss for your plants or garden now and in the future.

Besgrow Spagmoss has naturally low concentrations of salt, is virtually sterile and most importantly, retains up to 20 times its weight in water. These qualities make it ideal for many indoor plants that require moisture retention and aeration.

Hand-picked and naturally air-dried, Besgrow Spagmoss undergoes meticulous processing to preserve its quality and unparalleled water-holding capacity (with a maximum WHC of 96%). This ensures the moss retains water and nutrients, facilitating easy release to plants without accumulating undesirable soluble salts.

The long strands of Besgrow Spagmoss make it easy to manage and use. The stands are high quality, strong and resistant to root rot.


Dry Moss
Bag: 500grams = 40 Litres when hydrated

Sphagnum Moss

How to Use Besgrow Spagmoss

Take it straight from the pack. Place the spagmoss in a bowl or bucket of water until it’s adequately damp but not waterlogged. Around 15-30 minutes should be about right. Wring out any extra water. The long strands of Besgrow Spagmoss make it thick, spongy and easy to work with.

Ideal for filling grow poles or moss poles.

It is useful for propagation as it not only retains moisture but it lets the air flow around the delicate new root growth.

Spagmoss is popular for orchids due to the good drainage and consistent moisture levels, which help orchids to thrive.

Other uses:

  • Potting seedlings
  • Kokedama
  • Terrariums
  • Growing aroids, ferns and
  • Germination
  • Lining hanging baskets

Just a reminder that spagmoss does not have many nutrients of its own so you will need to fertilise when using. If using for propagation use with GT Clonex Clone Solution for the best results.

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