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Love Love Love! It’s simple and easy. It also extends when my plants grow! M. Smith

The Extendable Growing Pole just simply snaps together to create the perfect pole for your plants to feel supported. Show your plants the support they need with our extendable Growing Pole from The Gentle Garden.

Super Simple To Assemble.

Wanting To Future Proof? No Worries, Easy To Extend!

Four Pole Shapes To Choose From!

Choose Your Substrate.

Stocked Locally – Order today and your order will be shipped the following business day at 9am!

BUY 3 & SAVE $9!

If you need velcro plant tie to go with your pole we have black and green.
If you are looking for different sizes see the Loft Grow Pole range.

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Support Your Indoor Plants With The Extendable Growing Pole

Give your plants the support they need with The Extendable Growing Pole by Our Gentle Garden.

This innovative indoor plant support pole is deceptively simple. Simply clip them together with the pre-cut tabs. Need it taller? No problem, just slide the next on, on top, and support your plant on its next growth spurt!

Hexagonal cutouts on the majority of the surface area, allow the aerial roots of your plants to cling onto a greater surface area of the garden poles and at the same time, the aerial roots to enter and exit in more directions, maximising the growth of the plants.

Slightly wider cutouts to allow bigger plants with chunky roots to enter the pole but yet sized suitably to allow the media of your choice, be it sphagnum moss, tree fern bark or coco chips, to stay contained within the pole. The bigger cutouts also make separating plants from the pole much easier should the need arise.

A double layered back creates a sturdier spine for our grow poles.

Simply snap the pole into shape with the insert tabs. No tools or extra materials are required for assembly, except your choice of media to be used in the pole.

Easily extendable by simply attaching a new pole to the existing one at the top.

Two rows of slits for you to snap the pole into shape. This allows you to create a thinner or thicker pole according to your needs.

There are four-fold lines to allow you to create four different shapes of poles according to your preference.

Plant Grow Pole Features

Your future plants best friend! Pair it with a Potting Mat and Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food and you have everything you need to keep your plants on your side.

  • 50 cm tall
  • 6.5 cms wide
  • Material: PET Recyclable, reusable plastic.
  • Colour: Frosted
  • Shape: hexagonal cutouts

Simple To Assemble!

1 review for Extendable Growing Pole – Our Gentle Garden

  1. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    These support poles are terrific for climbers and are arguably the 3rd most important stimulus for strong vine growth when used with a moist substrate, after light and water. Poles are easy to assemble, fill with substrate and extend. I have 2 velvet heartleaf philodendrons in 14cm size pots climbing up 2 extended poles each. At 100cm tall, the extended poles do require a bit of support to lean on such as a shelf or wall but will stay upright on their own when supported in a larger pot size. After a couple of weeks use, I can already see aerial roots from the vines growing into the sphagnum moss substrate, as the pole design gives good visibility from all sides. Key to success is keeping the substrate moist every 1-2 days to encourage aerial root growth, which can easily be done by using a trigger spray, or by carefully pouring some water into the top opening of the pole to soak into the substrate without leaking water from the front and sides of the pole (which can be achieved by tilting the pole back slightly when watering down the inside of the back side of the pole).

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