uBloomd Green Sticky Traps – Monstera


Are Fungus Gnats ruining your favourite plant? If so, you need a pack of these uBloomd green sticky plant traps. These traps are designed to be placed in your plants and effectively control not only Fungus Gnats but also other flying nasties such as Aphids, Thrips, Whiteflies, and Fruit Flies.

Compostable and reusable package
Non-toxic and safe for pets
Quick to set up
Waterproof and UV protected

Each pack has 10 traps.

They also come in a Round Design.

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uBloomd Stealth Sticky Traps Round + Oxygen Plus Hydrogen Peroxide 3% for plants
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uBloomd Green Sticky Traps

A very simple solution to an annoying problem. There is nothing worse than Fungus Gnats flying around your glorious plant collection.

uBloomd Stealth Sticky Traps not only look better than other traps but are quick to set up and use. Peel the lining and place into the soil of the plant. The green design of the sticky trap is intentional as experiments have shown an increase of 12% more pests captured using green traps instead of yellow or other coloured traps.

How to use:

One trap per plant is recommended. You can peel just one side – or both if needed. They stay sticky for up to six months although this may vary depending on the conditions they are in.

We recommend using with Oxygen Plus Hydrogen Peroxide 3% which will get rid of Fungus Gnat eggs and larvae within the soil.

Sticky Trap Falling Off: In colder months, sticky traps may become dislodged from their wooden support sticks. If this occurs, simply reattach them to the inside of the plant pot as necessary.

The Fungus Gnats are drawn to the colour and the scent of the traps and once they are lured in they are stuck and die on the traps.

Each pack comes with:

  • 10 x Waterproof Monstera Shaped Green Stealth Traps
  • 10 x Biodegradable Wooden Support Sticks
  • Setting Up Your Kit Infographic 
  • Compostable Packaging


The traps are 5cm round, and Wooden Support Sticks are 2cm wide and 10cm long.

Designed and made in Australia with a focus on sustainable and natural solutions.

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