Tree Fern Fibre – 2 Litre


Tree Fern Fibre from Fernwood is a versatile substrate that can be added to potting mix, used for propagation or can be used alone. It is easy to use and a fantastic growing medium for so many plants including Orchids, Aroids, Hoya, Ferns and more. It has the ability to retain moisture without becoming waterlogged.

Sourced from the sturdy stem fibres of the Kuripaka, a tree fern indigenous to New Zealand.

High quality and sustainably sourced.

Excellent moisture retention.

Encourages root health and development.

Ideal for grow poles.

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Tree Fern Fibre – 2 Litre

Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre is a popular choice for growing indoor plants due to its excellent moisture retention and aeration properties.

This is why we love using  Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre:

Moisture Retention: Tree Fern Fibre has the ability to retain moisture effectively while still providing good drainage. This is crucial for indoor plants as it helps to maintain an optimal level of hydration for the roots without causing waterlogging.

Aeration: One of the key benefits of Tree Fern Fibre is its ability to maintain a well-aerated root environment. This is essential for plant health as it allows oxygen to reach the roots, promoting healthy growth and preventing root rot.

pH Neutral: Tree Fern Fibre typically has a neutral pH providing a stable growing medium without causing fluctuations in soil acidity or alkalinity.

Versatility: It can be used on its own as a growing medium or mixed with other substrates such as the Bio Leaf Potting Mixes or it can be added to perlite or bark to create a custom blend. It is suitable for a variety of indoor plants including ferns, orchids, hoyas, and aroids.

Ease of Use: It is easy to work with and can be used straight out of the bag. It is soft, porous and has a spongy texture.

Longevity: Tree Fern Fibre is a durable and long-lasting growing medium. Unlike some other substrates that break down quickly over time, Tree Fern Fibre can last for several years without needing to be replaced.


2 Litre Bag (resealable)

Uses for Tree Fern Fibre

Ideal for filling grow poles encouraging large and lush growth.

It is popular for propagation as it gentle on the root system and provides good drainage and moisture retention.

Orchids do well in Tree Fern Fibre and is an excellent alternative to bark. It provides good aeration around the roots which is crucial to good orchid health.

Due to the moisture retention properties of Tree Fern Fibre you may need to water and fertiliser less.

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