Bio Leaf HortiChar – Fine 1 Litre


“Black dust with super powers!”

New from Bio Leaf is HortiChar, a high-quality, finely ground horticultural charcoal that offers numerous benefits to our indoor plants. A sustainable and natural soil amendment designed to enhance the health of your potting mix.

Improves soil health and absorbs toxins.

Improves soil structure and helps nutrient retention.

Long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Bio Leaf HortiChar is also available in a coarse mix.

Made in New Zealand by Bio Leaf.

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Bio Leaf HortiChar – Fine

Bio Leaf HortiChar stands out due to its unique properties and benefits:

Soil Amendment: When incorporated into the soil, Bio Leaf HortiChar improves its structure, water retention, and nutrient-holding capacity. It acts as a sponge, absorbing excess water and releasing it during dry periods.

Carefully Made:  HortiChar is specifically designed for indoor plants. It originates from natural hardwood tree branches which are subjected to controlled heating in a low-oxygen environment, resulting in ‘biochar’. Through this method, carbon is not released into the atmosphere as in natural bushfires – instead, it is captured and retained within the charcoal, imparting HortiChar with its numerous benefits and remarkable properties.

Nutrient Retention: Bio Leaf HortiChar has a high surface area and a porous structure, which provides an ideal habitat for beneficial microorganisms. These microbes help break down organic matter and release nutrients in a form that plants can readily absorb.

Carbon Sequestration: One of the significant environmental benefits of Bio Leaf Hortichar is its ability to sequester carbon. By locking carbon in a stable form, it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Great for your plants and the environment!

Long-lasting Effect: Unlike some organic soil amendments that break down quickly, Bio Leaf Hortichar has a long-lasting effect. It remains in the soil for years, continually providing benefits to your plants.


Resealable Bag: Bio Leaf HortiChar – 1 Litre Fine Dust

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How to use

Bio Leaf HortiChar comes in a resealable bag so you can use what you need and store the rest.

If you are adding to your potting mix prior to potting then add approximately 5% of Bio Leaf HortiChar Fine to your total mix and pot up as usual. Make sure to blend it through thoroughly.

To add it to existing plant pots, gently loosen the soil surface and sprinkle a thin layer of HortiChar on top. Then, lightly mix it into the top few inches of soil without disturbing the plant roots.

Just a note on watering. Due to the excellent water retention properties of HortiChar, you may need to reduce the frequency of watering.

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