Bio Leaf Premium Orchid Potting Mix – Medium 5 Litre


This is the premium potting mix your plants deserve!

Getting the potting mix right is one of the best things you can do for your orchid. Bio Leaf has created a Premium Orchid Potting Mix that provides the optimal environment for your orchids to grow. It provides excellent aeration, drainage, and moisture retention, which will keep the roots healthy and help your plant produce beautiful blooms.


Encourages better root health.

Good aeration and drainage.

Orchid Premium Potting mix is also available in a 2 litre size.

Made in New Zealand by Bio Leaf.

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Bio Leaf Premium Orchid Potting Mix – Medium Grade

Bio Leaf Premium Orchid Potting Mix is made with a combination of Kiwi Orchid Bark, a premium and sustainable bark. The bark is raw, fresh and with a neutral pH meaning it will be long-lasting and give your orchid the stable environment they need. Also included in the mix is Fernwood Tree Fern Fibre, African Hardwood Charcoal and Pumice. Together they create the best environment with the right balance of aeration for your orchids to flourish.

The bark size in the medium mix is 3-8 mm. This would be recommended for orchids that have thinner roots or those that require more moisture. It is also suitable for young orchids.

Bio Leaf Premium Potting Mix is also available in Coarse Grade.


Bag: 5 Litre
Nuggets: 3-8mm size

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Orchid Bark Potting Mix

How to use

Before use we recommend emptying the potting mix you are going to use into a container. Add a little water to and blend everything through thoroughly. The mix settles in the bag so doing this ensure everything is distributed evenly before potting your orchid.

For optimal plant health regularly fertilise your orchids with Orchid Bloom and Orchid Grow from Growth Technology.

Storing Unused Potting Mix:

The rich organic nutrients may attract unwanted bugs so keep the bag well sealed in a cool dry area.

Note: Bio Leaf Potting Mix is rich in organic matter and nutrients. Sometimes fungal mycelium threads can appear on the substrate or the bag. You may see fluffy white balls around some particles. This is nothing to worry about and is part of the microbial life going on in the bag. It will not harm your plants.

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