The Wick Stick (Plant Watering System) – Small


These gorgeous copper, NZ Made “Plant Buddies” are beautiful, easy to use and work their scientific magic so you can take the guess work out of watering, as well as enabling you to leave special plants for a little while (holiday anyone????) – @theplantparlournz

The Small Wick Stick Indoor Plant Watering System, using ingenious capillary action, water can travel through the pipe and to the soil as and when your plant needs it. No under-watering. No overwatering. Just the water they want.

✔️ Going On Holiday? Be prepared… with The Wick Stick.

✔️ The Plant Takes What It Wants When It Wants.

✔️ Have A Record Of Killing Plants – The Wick Stick is for you.

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Indoor Plant Watering System

Hand made Plant Straw for self watering house plants indoors and outdoors.  Made of polished copper that will develop a beautiful deep brown patina over time and recycled cotton.

Water is very, very cunning and has the ability rise up against gravity when given the right conditions. It’s called capillary action. Using capillary action the fibers in the cotton cord are able draw or suck in water like a straw through the interior of the fiber, up the copper pipe and into the dirt that your plant sits in. As the soil dries, more water is pulled through. No under-watering. No overwatering. Just the water they want.

To start this process it is best that the cord is soaked and the dirt around your plant damp but drained. The more wick in the earth, the more moisture can be released. And perfectly damp soil means your plant babies can always have a little slurp. (All Wick Sticks come with a How To Guide)

As each Wick Stick has been made by hand out of Copper each will have its own unique characteristics and will develop a beautiful and natural patina over time from exposure to the air/water/dirt. You can polish them back to shiny goodness if that’s your jam but we love how beautifully they age.

The Small Wick Stick Indoor Plant Watering System Features

  • Made in New Zealand!
  • Each Wick Stick will be sent out with a cotton cord that has been made from 100% recycled cotton.

Real people with an indoor plant obsession like you!

"For the travelers or those that often forget to water their plants (especially the dramatic peace lilies 🙄) "

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