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We now have GT Foliar in New Zealand, a unique solution to leaf feeding. This is the next step in plant nutrition. It puts foliar growth on the fast track by feeding the leaves for more immediate nutrient uptake. It includes ‘Nature’s Bodyguard’ silica to strengthen and protect, plus organic-based biostimulants for next level growth of your indoor plants.

Faster growth and development

Balanced mineral profile

Rapid nutrient absorption

Maximum plant health

Increased pest and disease resistance

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GT Foliar Growth Technology + Complete Focus Growth Technology 1 Litre
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GT Foliar

Can be used to correct deficiencies or give any plant a boost!

This ready to go leaf spray can by used on any plant under stress or in recovery, or if you simply want to fast track and supercharge foliage growth. It will correct deficiencies caused by root damage, over- or under-watering, high or low pH, and extremes such as temperature.

What does GT Foliar contain?

A complete and balanced full mineral profile of over 70 essential and beneficial minerals, vitamins and enzymes including chelated trace elements

  • 20 different types of Amino Acids – the fundamental building blocks for protein synthesis and cell formation
  • 3 types of Kelp – containing naturally occurring auxins, cytokynins and gibberillins
  • Fulvic Acid – the ultimate bio stimulant
  • Silicon – for increased cell strength and vigour
  • Wetting agent – to ensure effective absorption of solution into plant tissue.

What will GT Foliar do for your plants?

Increase nutrient absorption to help correct deficiencies. Yes, your plants can absorb all these wonderful nutrients through their leaves

Aids recovery from common biotic and abiotic plant stresses, such as root rot and pest attack. In fact foliar feeding is the best way to minimise losses associated with poor root performance until the nature of the problem is identified and corrected.

It gives your plant a boost by increases both the growth time and size of leaves.

Keeps up with increased nutrient demands during high growth periods and increases resistance to pests and diseases.

Reduces bud blast and browning and fuels production of more and healthier buds and flowers.

Minimises losses due to poor root performance or root damage.

Using GT Foliar boosts overall growth and plant vigour.

Real people with an indoor plant obsession like you!


"Everyone’s always asking me how I’ve grown them so big in such a short period of time! Honestly the reason is the magic sauce from GT. It’s truly a game changer”

Real people with an indoor plant obsession like you!


"My whole collection is fuelled by Foliage Focus nutrients and other GT products... I can't recommend them highly enough!”

Directions for Use

This one is easy, just point and spray. Apply in cooler temperatures in low-light conditions as a fine mist to both tops and undersides of leaves (avoid spraying blooms and buds). A light covering is all that’s needed.

Note: Spraying in excessively hot conditions can prove to be a waste of time as stomata are generally closed so the nutrients won’t be absorbed.

How often should you use GT Foliar?

For optimum plant health use 2 to 3 times a week to encourage maximum leaf growth. During active, vigorous growth periods, when nutrient demand is high and leaves are more efficient at absorbing nutrients you could spray more often.

Can be used throughout the plant’s lifecycle from the cutting stage to blooming to target all critical periods of growth.

Complete Focus is the perfect all-rounder. Contains all 12 essential minerals.
Suitable for use on all plants.


You can confidently expect a healthier plant with:

  • Faster growth and development
  • Increased root development and strength
  • Profuse vegetative growth
  • Bigger, brighter flowers and prized winning blooms
  • Greater resistance to disease
  • Increased tolerance to environmental stress.
Complete Focus For All Plants

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