Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Potting Mix – 2 Litre


This is the premium potting mix your plants deserve!

Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Mix Potting is a light, airy blend that is perfect for indoor plants. This free-draining mix has been formulated to retain sufficient water to keep plants beautiful and healthy without becoming waterlogged, while also allowing oxygen to reach the roots. You will find nearly all indoor plants grow well in this potting mix.

Variegated Leaf Potting Mix is more coarse than the standard Aroid & Hoya Potting Mix. It is designed to retained less moisture to protect the roots from root rot.

Rich in organic plant nutrients.

Reduces plant stress when transplanting.

Encourages better root health.

Good drainage and moisture distribution.

Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Mix is also available in a 5 litre bag.

Made in New Zealand by Bio Leaf.

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Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Mix

Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Mix is light and airy with the right balance of nutrients, aeration and moisture retention for variegated plants. This is important for root health so the roots have access to oxygen as well as moisture. This style of mix is open and not dense like some potting mix options – which also makes it a lot easier to use.

The blend includes a mixture of orchid bark, tree fern fibre, pumice, powdered hardwood charcoal as well as a custom blend of ‘bio-active’ nutrients.

This premium potting mix has been created by the knowledgable team at Bio Leaf who really know their mix. They follow a comprehensive process to create a potting mix of the highest quality filled with organic nutrients and plant stimulants to help your plants thrive.

The bio-nutrients in Bio Leaf Premium Potting mix are designed to work alongside your usual fertiliser.

The ‘coarse’ or variegated grade of potting mix is light and chunky with nugget sizes ranging from 8mm – 20mm. It is suitable for variegated plants, those with thicker roots and any plant that needs good air movement throughout the pot.

This potting mix is recommended for variegated varieties of:

  • Alocasia (Elephant Ears or Taro)
  • Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreens)
  • Anthuriums
  • Caladium (Heart of Jesus)
  • Colocasia
  • Devil’s Ivy (Pothos, Epipremnum, Scindapsus)
  • Dieffenbachia (Dumb Canes)
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Hoya
  • Monstera (Cheese Plants, Monstera adansonii, Monkey-Mask Plant)
  • Peace Lilies
  • Philodendrons
  • Rhaphidophora (Monstera minima, Philodendron minima)
  • Syngonium – Arrow Heads
  • Xanthosoma


Bag: 2 Litre
Nuggets: 8mm – 20mm

Bio Leaf Premium Variegated Leaf Mix is also available in a 2 litre bag. See the full range of Bio Leaf here.

Bio Leaf Variegated Potting Mix

How to use

Before use we recommend you mix the potting mix throughly to blend through the smaller particles evenly. Add a little water to the mix – this will help to redistribute everything.

Suggestions for transplant solution:

We suggest using a fertiliser and root support that includes seaweed, before and after repotting, to reduce transplant shock. Seaweed is fantastic at reducing shock and helping the plant recover.

Use a mixture of the following. Make up with water and use according to the instructions.

Foliage Focus  &  Rootzone


Plantbuds Indoor Plant Food  & Plantbuds Soil Conditioner


Watering will vary for each plant but as a rough guide every 2-4 days during summer and weekly during winter.

Bio Leaf Potting Mix has been created to drain water away so the roots do not become saturated. Should you need to increase the water holding capacity add a little extra tree fern fibre to the mix.

Storing Unused Potting Mix:

The rich organic nutrients may attract unwanted bugs so keep the bag well sealed in a cool dry area.

Note: Bio Leaf Premium is rich in organic matter and nutrients. Sometimes fungal mycelium threads can appear on the substrate or the bag. You may see fluffy white balls around some particles. This is nothing to worry about and is part of the microbial life going on in the bag. It will not harm your plants.

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